PedalBox FAQ

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PedalBox FAQ’s

Is there a separate PedalBox for each vehicle type and why?

Each vehicle type from every range has different parameters. In order to retain these, the PedalBox must be tailored to suit the corresponding control system. When purchasing the PedalBox, you must therefore state the year the car was built and the make.


Why has the car’s response not been improved by the manufacturer?

Firstly, for cost and production reasons, and in the light of the highly competitive sales environment, manufacturers only work with mean values. Secondly, the engine control unit is designed in such a way that the individual driving style governs engine performance. If, for example, someone frequently drives at full throttle, the controller will be induced to work more dynamically by the engine control unit. The higher the speed the stronger the signal is that is sent from the accelerator. In day-to-day driving however, this is difficult to achieve for any significant length of time and so the engine control unit lowers the engine’s response once again.


If I want to drive in a more dynamic mode, will it not suffice to press the accelerator often enough?

That doesn’t work. For one thing, the human foot simply isn’t as fast as the electronics of a car and secondly, doing this on an ongoing basis would damage the potentiometer and the transmission.
Will my insurance coverage be preserved?
Since the engine parameters are not being changed and approval is not necessary, your insurance coverage will not be affected.


What is the difference between the Pedal Box and chip tuning?

Chip tuning boosts the power of a car’s engine management system whereas the PedalBox programs merely modify the accelerator characteristics. This change in values does not alter the programs of the engine control unit.


Does the PedalBox impact upon the lifespan of the engine?

No, the PedalBox does not have any impact on either engine performance or lifespan. Instead, driving style and the level of care taken are much more important factors in the operational reliability of a modern car.


Does the PedalBox increase the level of particle emissions in turbo diesel engines?

The PedalBox does not change the exhaust gas temperature. For that reason, neither the exhaust gas filter nor the particle emissions will suffer from increased pollution or contamination as a result of the PedalBox’s installation.


Does use of the PedalBox inevitably lead to greater fuel consumption?

The shorter responsiveness of the throttle response does not alter regulation of the injection amount. Instead, fuel consumption may actually be reduced by the PedalBox. However, this depends on the driver’s behaviour.


Is there a guarantee for the PedalBox?

DTE Systems Pedalbox is Warranted against tuning deficiencies, defects in material and poor workmanship under normal use and service for a period of 2 years from original date of purchase.