Professional Opinion

There’s nothing wrong with being a cautious buyer- especially when the product seems to good to be true, like PedalBox is!

So we’re here to show you a Professional Opinion on the product to put your mind at ease and spur you to add to cart.

Norwegian Øyvind Øversveen is a Drifting Champion. He became active in the world of motor sport in his home country in 1997 and turned professional in 2002.


I cover over 60,000 kilometres per year in my own private car – most of it travelling to events and appointments.

Anyone who’s on the road as much as I am must constantly face different driving conditions and situations, which demand huge flexibility on the part of both the driver and the vehicle – a major difference between racing and everyday driving.

Day after day, I get stuck in the stop and go of rush hour and city traffic and have to juggle clutch and brake, all the while trying to ensure that I’m using the accelerator economically and efficiently. If I don’t do this, I’ll notice it in terms of how much I spend on petrol! With a sportily designed car like mine, this is sometimes a real art, not to mention very tiring.

Comfortable saloons designed for cruising most definitely have an advantage here. But even with a saloon, there are often lots of everyday situations where you have to be able to drive in a racy fashion and I often find I’m lacking that. Many cars respond sluggishly and heavily, with the transmission being extra long.

For me, the PedalBox is something of a sensation as it is precisely here that it comes into its own. Different programmes can adapt the car to any wishes the driver may have – just like a bespoke suit. By switching to another programme, I have complete control of the situation, which means a saloon can respond sportily and a sports car can handle everyday traffic flows.

The PedalBox simply gives every car more character, while handling becomes more efficient and more economical.

I can recommend the PedalBox. It’s a lot of fun and, for the price, is truly awesome!


Øyvind Øversveen