Trydel – Emergency Puncture Repairs



Trydel started producing its first tyre puncture sealants back in 1991. As a manufacturer with roots going back to the late 1950s we are committed to providing a range of effective, simple to use and convenient solutions while designing products and formulations that reduce environmental footprint wherever possible.

Trydel was the first to supply non-latex sealant installed as a standard fitment into OE vehicles including Mercedes-Benz, Daimler Chrysler, General Motors and more. In addition to the automotive industry, we market our brands and contract manufacture for the aftermarket industry including passenger vehicles, off-road vehicles, bikes, trucks, buses, industrial and agricultural vehicles. Our test disk simulator has been shown at numerous trade events around the world including Automechanica, Sema and Paris.


Major Auto OEM around the world are increasingly integrating the safer, more economical and convenient alternatives to the spare wheel. Our focus on advancing product effectiveness and formulating for best practice is central to our commitment to the industry in providing the solutions required in extreme conditions.

Our -30° +70° Celcius formulation is designed and tested to meet standards across the globe. Tyre repair systems that perform when and as required that meet or exceed industry standards will be the option of choice that more people will come to rely upon in years to come.



The test: more than 2000 nails placed on a local race track we hired for the day. More than 100 nails penetrated the pre treated tyre. The video demonstrates the sealant capabilities under an extreme mass of puncturing objects penetrating the full footprint area.


The Bottle Line Up
Our test shows how different brands perform in a controlled environment. We monitor sealing effectiveness, strengths and weaknesses. Our commitment to quality and performance is integral to our aim to be at the forefront of the industry.


The disk rotator in action. Our state-of-the-art custom built machine monitors a sealants performance. We do this by monitoring airloss ratings, sealant coverage, varying speeds, down force pressures and changes over time.