Trydel Technology

Trydel Technology

Since 1991, we have performed countless road test and laboratory trials to develop the best sealant formulation. Our leading-edge research into Trydel technology required the creation of new simulation and testing machinery. This included:


  • Custom building a world-first, state-of-the-art rotating disk machine in 1995. The machine generates the centrifugal forces of high-speed driving, with variable speed, down force pressure and tyre pressure controls. We monitor and map airloss ratings, observe liquid rheology and sealant capabilities from the tread area to the side walks.
  • Being the first to install in-tyre camera vision in 2000. This enabled us to directly monitor sealants in real-time from the moment of injection through to many hours of constant rotation at various speeds and tyre pressures.
  • Discovering electrical energy between the tyre and wheel/rim that causes the generation of ozone within the tyre chamber and the resulting corrosive effect around the bead area.

Our purpose built software made it possible to control and simulate a variety of dynamics between sealants, puncturing objects and tyres. We benchmark sealant, enhance the performance of our formulations and ensure the most responsible and efficient use of chemicals. As a result, we have developed superior tyre sealants that are reliable, economical and environmentally responsible.

trydel technology

Trydel Technology Sealant

Trydel sealant works where others don’t. Competitor brands that rely on a latex based sealant require time for the sealant to harden and form a plug.

The problem with latex based technology is that it may leak over the roadside before it has time to harden. Our research and development improved upon the old technology all while using less chemicals.

trydel technology


The test: more than 2000 nails placed on a local race track we hired for the day. More than 100 nails penetrated the pre treated tyre. The video demonstrates the sealant capabilities under an extreme mass of puncturing objects penetrating the full footprint area.


The Bottle Line Up
Our test shows how different brands perform in a controlled environment. We monitor sealing effectiveness, strengths and weaknesses. Our commitment to quality and performance is integral to our aim to be at the forefront of the industry.


The disk rotator in action. Our state-of-the-art custom built machine monitors a sealants performance. We do this by monitoring airloss ratings, sealant coverage, varying speeds, down force pressures and changes over time.